Consider the 2007
‘Smartphone Collision’…

Cellular the space of a few years...

...collided with web browsing, GPS, cameras, music, TV, movies, PCs, gaming, dating, taxis…and endlessly more.

Today there are 7 BILLION smartphones…equivalent to 85% of the world population.

Off the back of Smartphone Collision…the big existing techs like Apple, Microsoft and Samsung got even larger…

And smaller companies like Google, Netflix, Facebook and Square came from nowhere to join the giants list. 


What kind of portfolio would you have today if you backed the right stocks here 17 years ago…?

Now take that thinking another step...

Imagine the Smartphone Collision...
but on a scale exponentially greater…

That’s what we’re talking about with Artificial Intelligence.

So, what’s the best way to play it?

In Lock. Build. Explode: Five AI Collision Disruptors to Own for the Next Five Years

…you’re going to get a glimpse at what happens next.

If a company like Nvidia can come from relatively nowhere to become the third most valuable company in the US...

…in under TWO YEARS…

…imagine what might soon emerge from the SMALLER end of the market!

In Lock. Build. Explode we present five small stocks at critical collision points:

  • AI and DATA: The next stock to be hunted down in the AI Data Lock-Up
  • AI and NEXT-GEN CHIPS: An AI chipmaker with a ‘ten-times-cheaper’ advantage
  • AI and MINING: The disruptor using AI algorithms to reinvent how we find deposits
  • AI and MILITARY: A potential ‘future ruler’ of the AI battlespace
  • AI and GAMING: The niche developer already integrating AI into its output

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Lock. Build. Explode: Five AI Collision
Disruptors to Own for the Next Five Years

The ‘Megatrend of Megatrends’, as Blackstone calls it. 

Make no mistake: this is speculation. And we are in the Wild West stage of this megatrend. Great riches are on offer. But great losses are possible too, if you back the wrong horse.

If you’re going to play this game, it’s your job to factor in that risk. Think where this all goes next. And figure out which small stocks could become much larger stocks as a result.

The five stocks we showcase here are not the usual rollcall when you Google ‘best AI plays’. And we’ll likely be adding significantly to this portfolio as new intersects and opportunities emerge.

You’ll get full write-ups on each of the five plays above...for just 20 bucks.

That $19.99 also gets you;

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Australian Small-Cap Investigator

This is a megatrend that will be years in the making.

With the building blocks in place, developers big and small will be rushing to create apps that can take advantage of AI capabilities.

AI versions of everything from banking to health, to creative endeavours, to coding, to education, and way more will come onto market.

The best will thrive like what happened with the web. We’re already seeing experiments taking place in every industry.

Australian Small-Cap Investigator is going to be right at the speculative end as all this plays out…

We are not just an AI advisory. (Although this is a market theme likely to be constant for the foreseeable future and one we’ll be tracking with interest for further opportunities.)

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