Discover The Hidden ‘Magnetic Force’ Driving Price Action In Stocks

This phenomenon has helped some members make
gains like 78%…66%…and 278% — even when the
market was tanking during the 2020 coronavirus crash

Dear reader,

Imagine you weren’t reacting to market volatility anymore, but profiting from it.

No more jumping on a stock after it’s made most of its profits…no cutting your losses on a falling stock when you’re already well in the red.

You simply got a notification that a trade is setting up in a predictable manner…and you know, with a good degree of confidence, where the price is headed.

You know what stock to buy, when to buy it, how much to pay, and where to take profits before you even enter the trade.

That’s the beauty of having a rock-solid trading system like the one I’m about to show you…

It may not offer complete certainty. Nothing can in the markets.

But it can offer you greater predictability.

And that greater predictability can help bring a lot more clarity and confidence to your trading decisions, even if the rest of the market looks unpredictable.

My name is Murray Dawes.

Murray Dawes

Murray Dawes

I’ve created and refined my unique system for trading stocks over the last 20 years of my career as a professional trader.

I cut my teeth working in the pits of the Sydney Futures Exchange.

That’s where my passion for the markets began…watching the tickers every day for nearly six years, surrounded by people in multicoloured jackets screaming at the top of their lungs.

It was a pretty amazing experience.

And it taught me an important lesson…

Stock prices move in predictable patterns —
allowing you greater confidence to
trade big moves before they happen

I spotted these patterns over and over again, in all kinds of stocks, and in rising and falling markets.

And once I understood what was happening, I built a system designed to take advantage of this predictable behaviour.

The core strategy of my system relies on finding ‘magnetic’ ranges in the price action of stocks…

See, when you look at a stock chart, provided you know what you’re looking for, you can see a very similar type of behaviour in the price of many stocks. 

Let me show you what I mean with this price chart for Redbubble, with a technical filter overlaid...

Pivot Trader

Source: CQG Integrated Client

Don’t worry — you don’t need to know how to do any of this. It’s all done automatically by my system.

So, here’s the price action, with the technical overlay. Now, check out my scribbles on the chart.

Pivot Trader

Source: CQG Integrated Client

I’ve drawn in the centre point — which behaves just like a magnet for the price. And also, a ‘range’, with an upper and lower limit.

Now, look at Redbubble’s stock price...

Pivot Trader

Source: CQG Integrated Client

Look at how it swings up and down within that range.

And see how the price is continually drawn back to the red centre point.

The trading system I’ve developed over the last 20 years is designed to anticipate and map out these price swings BEFORE they happen, allowing you greater opportunity to make much more profitable trades by catching the move early.

You can find these ‘magnetic’ ranges within the price chart of many stocks...

That means it doesn’t matter what the greater market is doing…if you see a stock price move into one of these ranges, you’ll be better able to predict where that price is headed next.

This can help bring a lot more clarity and confidence to your trading decisions, even if the rest of the market looks unpredictable.

Now, as good as this is — that’s not all there is to a successful trading service.

A crucial element of any system is its ability to manage the risk in the trade while the position is open.

The method I’ve developed over my career is called the breakeven carry.

It’s essentially a unique combination of dynamic stop-losses and ‘phased’ profit targets I use to protect your capital in a profitable trade, so that, once a stock hits a target price, the worst that can happen if it then tanks is you break even overall.

In other words, once a stock hits a target price, you don’t lose money on a trade, even if the stock price crashes.

Why is this such a game-changer
for private traders like you?

Well, even while COVID was pushing the market off a cliff in 2020, some of my members were busy making…

  • 56% on McPherson’s
  • 52% on Red 5
  • 160% on West African Resources
  • 32% on Newcrest Mining
  • 123% on Paladin Energy
  • 66% on SciDev
  • 66% on Nine Entertainment Co
  • 278% on Redbubble

In fact, since I first launched this system to private investors, back in November 2018, I’ve recommended a total of 47 trades.

21 were wins, 14 were losses and 12 were breakeven trades.

The average win has been 67% while the average loss is just 19%.

That means, on average, we’ve made 3.5 times more on our wins than what we lost on our losses.

That’s a compelling track record for any trader — especially when it includes the coronavirus panic, which saw markets crash 36% between February and March 2020.

My portfolio has a 100% positive strike rate of the stocks I could afford to buy. What more can I say?

-- Mel, WA

Even during one of the roughest markets of the past century, my system was able to help members make returns like those above — consistently — all while managing risk super tightly.

How would you feel seeing your trades making double- and triple-digit gains while the rest of the market was panicking?

No guarantees, of course, but pretty good, I’d assume.

Well, if you’re ready, it’s your turn

Complete the form below and become a member of my VIP trading service, Pivot Trader, today.

This is what you’ll get as soon as you join...

  • Every trade alert I send out for as long as you remain a member. I’ll send you an email when it’s time to trade. I’ll tell you what to buy, what to pay, what our initial profit target is, and where to place your stop-loss...
  • As the trade progresses, you’ll hear from me regularly with further action to take. If our initial profit target gets hit, I’ll send you an email telling you how much profit to take out of the trade, and where to move your stop-loss to.
  • And when the time comes to exit the position, well, hopefully you’ll be sitting on a nice, big profit — minus your trading costs, of course...
  • You’ll also get a weekly update video from me. In this video, I will update you on all of the current open trades in the Pivot Trader you a ‘health check’ on each trade...including how it’s travelling, what the next target is, and what you can expect going forward.
  • The video will also contain a market update (crucial to watch during uncertain times). There’s an important fundamental element to how I select stocks to trade. This is driven by what’s happening in the markets...and which sectors and industries — and even individual stocks — are moving the quickest.
  • In this video, I’ll reveal how movement in the wider market shapes my thinking — and what it could mean not only for the live trades I’m managing, but also for any potential NEW trades I’m considering.
  • You’ll also get access to the Pivot Trader ‘Video Master Series’ — four comprehensive video tutorials, which offer a more detailed look at how my system works at the technical level.
  • Some people just want to get the signals and trade the stocks — and that’s perfectly fine. Others, however, like to know a little more about the system that’s actually producing the recommendations — and how it works...especially how it aims to manage risk in volatile markets. 
  • I’ve been developing my system for more than 20 years — there’s so much going on ‘under the hood’ that I’m sure will be really interesting to lots of people. As I just said, there’s a full ‘master series’ of videos included in your membership. One is on technical analysis...another which looks more closely at how buy and sell pivots on how price distributions and those magnetic ranges are formed...and the final one is all about how price trends develop and change.

So, how much does Pivot Trader cost?

If you scroll down and complete the short form below, you will pay just $2,999 for a 12-month membership of my Pivot Trader service.

Frankly, that’s a flat-out bargain when you consider what you’re getting.

I have doubled my portfolio in 11 months for one portfolio and 9 months for the other using your system. I think in 4 trades I made the subscription fee back.

-- Ken D

Put it this way: The data package I subscribe to that feeds my system costs me 25 grand a year.

That’s just the data!

You’re getting WAY more than that today...

You’re getting my fundamental read on the market, sectors and stocks.

You’re getting my technical overlay: The range, point of control, and all the signals that tell you how to act and when.

And you’re getting all of my trade management advice:

What the initial profit target is, where to set your stop-loss, when to take profit out of the trade, and where to move your stop-loss to give you that ‘breakeven carry’ in the position. And of course, when to exit.

If you’re a trading enthusiast, I’m sure I don’t need to convince you of the value you’re getting here.

But if you’re still’s what I’m prepared to do...

Your membership fee is FULLY
REFUNDABLE in the next 30 days

I hope that gives you some peace of mind!

All the trades have made several thousand in profits and I’ve only lost a small amount on 3 trades.

-- Ian M, NZ

It means you can test out my system however you want.

You don’t have to commit any money to any trades. You can just watch the market while the trade is open and see what happens.

Or you can open a dummy account with your broker and essentially beta-test the signals.

Or if you want to trade, you can just trade — it’s up to you.

Just know that you have the option, at any stage in the next 30 days, to get your membership fee back — for whatever reason.

You don’t even have to give a reason!

Just call the Pivot Trader member services team on 1300 667 481, and say you want to cancel and get a full refund.

No one will give you a hard time. The money will be paid back to you, in full — and then at least you’ll be able to say you tried it out.

You’re also covered by my
‘no trade, no penalty’ clause

Here’s how it works:

If over the course of any calendar month I don’t put out a new trade alert, I’ll automatically add one month’s membership of Pivot Trader to the end of your term at no extra cost.

Some people join these services expecting to trade all the time — because that’s what they’re led to believe. And that creates pressure, which adds to an already high-pressure pursuit.

This is the most successful trading service I have ever been associated with and I have been trading the share market for over 30 years.

-- Ray D, NSW

Frankly, I don’t need that additional pressure.

So I won’t recommend a trade if my system isn’t giving us the opportunity to. There’s no point.

And by the don’t make 3.5 times more on your wins than you lose on your losses without a rock-solid trading system!

Again, if you understand trading, you’ll know that.

So. No more talk. If you’re ready…


Scroll down and complete the simple form below.

You’ll get an email from me that confirms your membership almost immediately.

That email will contain details on how to access everything I’ve promised you today.

I believe — 100% — that this is the single best way to trade with confidence during any kind of market conditions. And I’d love for you to come on this journey with me.

But it’s over to you.

If you want to join Pivot Trader and take 30 days to review the service, with the promise of a full refund if you’re not satisfied, scroll down now, enter your details, and I hope to see your name on my member list soon.


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Murray Dawes,
Editor, Pivot Trader