Buying physical gold right now
could be a really smart move…but

What If There Was a Way
to ‘Amplify’ Every $1
Rise in Gold Over the
Next Few Months?

For example, in the last gold bull market
certain gold-related investments rose as much
as $14 for every $1 move up in gold.

Read on to learn more...

James Woodburn

James Woodburn

Hi. My name is James Woodburn. I’m the publisher at Fat Tail Investment Research.

With gold seemingly at the start of a major bull run, you couldn’t have picked a better time to take an interest.

I’m going to assume, because you’re here, that you agree the price of gold looks set to rise.

So you’d also agree — I assume — that buying and holding gold would be a smart move right now. 

But…what if I told you there was a way you could ‘amplify’ any incremental rise in the gold price over the months to come?

Let me show you what I mean…

During gold’s most recent bull market between 2014 and 2020…the spot price of gold went up by 110% — as you can see here:

Gold Stock Pro


But other gold-related investments did much better — including this one:

Gold Stock Pro


This investment performed SEVEN times better than the gain made by physical gold over the same period.

Then there’s this one...

Gold Stock Pro

Source: Yahoo Finance

This investment performed TWELVE times better than the gain made by physical gold...

Now check this out:

Gold Stock Pro

Source: Yahoo Finance

This is the chart of a gold-related investment that performed FOURTEEN times better than physical gold, during the last bull run.

Now, I don’t think I need to spell out what could have happened to a $1,000 stake in each of these gold-related investments...

So I’ll just come to the point.

Today I’m going to share something with you that is — in my opinion — a much smarter and potentially WAY more lucrative option than just buying physical gold in a bull market.

It comes with added risk, too. So this is for speculators, no question. I can’t guarantee that the kinds of investments I’ll share with you today will see similar gains to the ones I just showed you.

If you can accept and embrace that, you’ll love what I’m about to tell you.

Let me explain…

These ‘bigger than gold’ gains come from something our resident gold expert, Brian Chu, calls…

Hard Money Micro Stocks

This is Brian’s name for ultra-risky and ultra-speculative junior gold and silver mining companies.

Put simply, every time gold has soared in the past…

Some ‘Hard Money Micro Stocks’ rocketed up further and faster.

Here’s another recent example…

Between June 2014 and August 2020, gold went up 110%.

Not too shabby.

But at the same time, some of these gold stocks went on a crazy run…

Saracen Mineral Holdings [ASX:SAR] went up 1,672%…

Gold Stock Pro


Ramelius Resources [ASX:RMS] jumped up a massive 2,781%…

Gold Stock Pro

Source: Yahoo Finance

While St Barbara Limited [ASX:SBM]  went up an incredible 3,150%…

Gold Stock Pro

Source: Yahoo Finance

That’s just three examples of producers that rallied hard during the last bull market.

Now, of course, I’m using these examples to prove a point.

Even though this happened to these stocks in the last gold bull market, there are no guarantees the same thing will happen for every single gold stock.

The question is:

Is it possible to FIND and then TRADE these kinds of micro gold stocks in the coming weeks and months?

Brian believes so.

His service — Gold Stock Pro — is designed to help you do just that.

In fact, he’s so convinced, he wants to give you access to his trading portfolio to prove it to you.

Brian will give you…

  • The ticker symbols of each of his Hard Money Micro Stock plays.
  • The company profiles and why Brian believes they could amplify the gold price action many times over.
  • And step-by-step buying instructions, including his ‘buy up to’ prices, to ensure you lock in maximum profits if the stocks rise.

Gold Stock Pro gives you multiple chances to invest in stocks with what Brian calls ‘built-in leverage’ to the gold price.

I’ll show you how you can get access to this investment service in a moment.

Before I get to that, though,
a word of warning…

The Hard Money Micro Stocks Brian will share with you are TINY.

They are stocks most people completely ignore.

While that opens up opportunity…

It also means there is a high level of risk involved.

I say again: if you can’t accept, embrace, and even relish this risk…then my advice is to leave this opportunity alone.

These stocks are so small and volatile that only a handful of buy orders could move their price.

That means they can go up — and down — very quickly.

Of course, it’s the ones that go up many times over that Brian’s looking for.

But that doesn’t mean he’ll always find them.

That’s why this opportunity won’t be for everyone.

But if you’re willing to risk a small stake for the potential to multiply it many times over…

I’d like to invite you to try out Brian’s gold stock trading service, Gold Stock Pro.

Gold Stock Pro gives you monthly access to micro-cap gold and silver plays on the ASX…

Stocks that Brian believes have the potential to benefit the most from any move in the underlying asset price.


Here’s everything you get access to
when you join Gold Stock Pro today:

  • Brian’s live and current trades: These are the micro-cap gold plays Brian believes could benefit most as the gold market moves through its next anticipated bull phase…
  • Twelve-month membership to Gold Stock Pro…which entitles you to Brian’s best trading idea every month.  Plus, you’ll get instant access to the archives of research on every trade on Brian’s buy list.
  • Regular updates and analysis: If there’s an important story in the mining industry, Brian will translate what it could mean for your investments in these regular updates. He’ll also use this opportunity to update open trades, alert you if it’s time to sell a stock and take profits, or limit any losses, and share new trading opportunities that are on his radar.
  • Bonus report: ‘How To Quickly Value Gold Miners: A unique approach that puts you well ahead of investment banks and fund managers’ In this in-depth report, Brian shares a two-step framework for valuing gold miners. He also reveals a little-known method for comparing the profit potential between two firms that may look the same to the untrained eye. You could use this report on its own to build a high-potential portfolio of gold mining stocks before the next bull market.
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So, how much does
Gold Stock Pro cost?

The official price for a one-year subscription to Gold Stock Pro is $2,999.

That’s what it costs to get Brian’s micro-cap analysis and research.

Considering these Hard Money Micro Stocks have the chance to make you seven, twelve, even FOURTEEN times the return of physical gold during a bull market, that’s a bargain.

But, before you jump on it, I’ve got a surprise for you…

You’ll be covered by our money back
guarantee for the next 30 days if you
subscribe to Gold Stock Pro today

If you’ve read this far, I can tell you’re interested in gold and gold stocks.

In that case, Brian’s service could be a perfect fit for you.

But don’t just take my word for it. Take 30 days to decide for yourself.

Try out a subscription to Gold Stock Pro and assess Brian’s ideas and analysis with no obligation to continue.

If you change your mind, give us a call on 1300 667 481 at any point in the next month. Cancel your subscription and I’ll give you a full refund of the $2,999 you’ll pay today.

I’m certain you’ll appreciate what Brian has to offer, though.

OK, decision time

Ready to do this?

Then scroll down and fill out the simple form below.

You’ll get an email confirming your access almost immediately.

You’ll also get details on how to access everything I’ve promised here.

I fully believe this is the best move you could make in the gold market right now.

Remember: You’ve got 30 days to decide if Gold Stock Pro is right for you. Try it out with no obligation to continue and your peace of mind is guaranteed for a full month.

Over to you.

Complete the order form below and join Gold Stock Pro now.


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