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If you are interested in property investments, such as REITs, via the stock market…or you’re a property buyer, seller, investor or developer…or even if you work in the field — you should read Cycles, Trends & Forecasts.

Our assertion is that asset markets — stocks and real estate specifically — move in a repeating 18-year cycle.

In this cycle, asset prices rise for around 14 years in total, with a slowdown in the middle. Then they crash hard for roughly four years…like this:


Source: Ascendant Strategy

The 18-year cycle is an economic theory — rooted in more than 200 years of land value data.

Once you understand the cycle, and where we are in it, seemingly random events in the financial world will start to make more sense…

You’ll gain a greater understanding of why house prices and stocks move up in some instances — and not others.

You’ll see how events that cause markets to move in such dramatic ways — virus outbreaks, credit crises, wars, terrorist attacks — can be explained.

And you’ll be better placed to forecast market crashes — like the one caused by the COVID crisis — years before others.

Put simply: When you read Cycles, Trends & Forecasts, it’s like switching on a GPS and seeing exactly where you are in the market…and getting a picture of what may be up ahead.

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  • Monthly private briefings: Our aim in the monthly newsletter is to help you put cycle theory into practice in your stock and property portfolios. I’ll send a PDF report securely to your email inbox every month. In it, you’ll discover: HOW to time your entry into the property and stock markets…HOW to identify each stage of the cycle…WHEN the markets are likely to peak…WHEN the markets are likely to bottom…WHICH stocks tend to track the cycle most closely…and WHY the cycle MUST repeat…
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