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And learning which stocks we believe have the highest potential of getting swept up by the metaverse megatrend NEXT…

What we’ve done here is look for the potential applications for metaverse enterprise that the wider market hasn’t spotted yet.

If we are indeed ‘ushering in a new era of human co-experience’ as Christina Wootton, Roblox vice president, puts it…

WHO will do the ushering?

We’re placing our bets on five companies which — for now at least — are NOT in the mainstream conversation when it comes to the metaverse.

The idea is to get exposure now.

Ideally, while some of these assets are trading at a massive sell-off discount to where they were six months ago. These include…

  • META-MANIA STOCK #1 — where biotech collides with VR: get ready for insane virtual growth
  • META-MANIA STOCK #2 — ASX minnow working to provide ‘virtual light’ to the metaverse
  • META-MANIA STOCK #3 — ‘thin air’ : the life force of the metaverse
  • META-MANIA STOCK #4 — one of the world’s first ‘industrial metaverse’ plays — still trading at just 40 cents
  • META-MANIA STOCK #5 a Penrith-based Virtual Reality (VR)/Augmented Reality (AR) play — we’re pretty sure no one’s picked them as a metaverse bet yet

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Five Stocks We’ve Picked as ‘Foundation Builders’ of Web 3.0

What will a fully-formed metaverse look like? No one knows for sure. But it’s coming.

And now is the time for sceptical investors to take some landmark positions in the FOUNDATION BUILDERS of a new ‘embedded Internet’.

You just need to be smart, not stupid. Which means you need to look beyond the mania.

Watching people mindlessly spend thousands of dollars on NFT jpegs of mushrooms can put you off. Rightly so. That’s dumb. But if you can see past the nonsense…do the proper due diligence…and look at which ecosystems and platforms the whole thing could be running on in five years…well, that’s smart.

Imagine buying Amazon at $1.50 in 1997.

Join today and you’ll get our five best targeted speculations. First movers in niche areas that the mainstream is currently either ignoring…dismissing…or just doesn’t understand yet.

Three More Pop-Up Markets Set to Explode over the Next Three Years

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The Ultimate Guide to Exponential Investing

This bonus report reveals in detail the method...the strategy...and the thinking behind why Ryan targets the kinds of stocks he does.

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Investing in Exponential

This is a detailed, step-by-step guide to finding and buying exponential stocks the way Ryan does it...

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One year of Exponential Stock Investor

Get immediate access to Ryan’s current open buy list...and every new ‘exponential’ stock he recommends over the next 12 months. With each recommendation, you get:

  • Name, ticker symbol, buy-up-to price...
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