It’s Time to Rethink
How You Manage
Your Wealth...

Dear Reader,

There’s no easy way to say this...

I believe we are heading into a bear market…and it’s going to be brutal.

Protection of wealth — especially in the coming years — should be top of mind for you as an investor right now.

If you’re like some of the people I’ve spoken to recently, you are:

  • Trying to figure out how wrecked the Australian economy is — and how long it’s going to take to get ‘back to normal’, or anywhere near it.
  • Concerned for your kids and grandkids — what kind of world will they live, earn, save, and build wealth in over the next few years?
  • Worried about your bank savings if things get worse over the next few years...
  • Lying awake at night trying to decide if you should push ahead with renovation plans for your house.
  • Desperately recalculating your budget over the next two years to factor in lower income, lower investment returns, and a drastically altered lifestyle...

These are the concerns I’m hearing from family, friends, and many of my readers.

If you have any of these concerns, I want to help — in a way I believe no one else in the country can right now.

I’d like to invite you to join…

The Gowdie Advisory

The Gowdie Advisory is a service for Australian savers and investors. I set it up to address the financial issues and concerns keeping you awake at night right now.

I’ll share more details in a moment — and tell you how I think I can help.

But first, let me introduce myself.

Vern Gowdie

Vern Gowdie

My name is Vern Gowdie.

I ran a successful financial planning business out of Cairns for 26 years.

For nearly three decades, my job was to help Australians build and protect wealth. Boomers like me. Self-made businesspeople. Private investors; some high-net-worth individuals.

I liked helping people make money. But my main priority — my number one rule — was not to LOSE anyone’s money.

My ‘common sense first’ philosophy wasn’t always popular with clients when stocks were going up.

But the way I saw it, if people wanted to take risks with their money chasing big returns, they could do that on their own.

The strategy worked pretty well for me too. In 1999, Personal Investor magazine named me one of Australia’s top 50 financial advisers.

In 2004, 2005, 2006, and 2007, my business was recognised by Independent Financial Adviser (IFA) magazine as one of Australia’s top five financial planning firms.

But towards the end of this period, I started to question the business that was giving me awards.

The investment industry — generally speaking — is not incentivised to solve your problems and look after your capital.

It’s incentivised to sell product.

In the end, I sold my business because I felt — and still feel — that the financial planning industry does not operate with the best interests of its clients in mind.

The Gowdie Advisory is my attempt to remedy this

The Gowdie Advisory is a virtual financial advisory service where I meet with you and other investors every month to discuss burning questions you may have about savings, investing, and retirement.

Some of the solutions I’ll cover for you in our monthly video chats will help you:

  • Protect your savings in the event of an Australian banking crisis
  • Manage your superannuation if you’re bearish on stocks…but still own a lot of stocks in your portfolio…
  • Reduce the amount that fees and taxes steal from your returns
  • Avoid falling prey to predatory financial advisors whose goal is to sell you their products
  • Learn the best ways to draw income in retirement while potentially living through a depression
  • Be prepared for history-making bailouts in the next few years as governments scramble to keep economies running
  • Go on the stock market offensive with the right strategy — at the right time

The solutions and tactics we’ll cover will be general in nature — meaning I won’t be taking into account your specific circumstances.

But this general advice will help you solve the unique problems — and opportunities — you’ll be facing in a prolonged bear market.

Here’s how The Gowdie Advisory works

The Gowdie Advisory has three crucial components:

  1. A Monthly Video Planning Summit. These monthly summits will be based on addressing your problems generally, but on a more intimate basis than I am able to do in my weekly newsletter, The Gowdie Advisory.

Every month, we will convene for 60–90 minutes to discuss common issues/problems/queries...either emailed to me directly, explained to my Customer Service team on the phone, or left on the members-only website. My team will then sort these submissions into what we call ‘Worry Silos’. Specific, recurrent categories that are occupying members’ thoughts. And we will tackle these in a video summit every month.

Some months I’ll invite a special guest to join me for a chat on a topic of interest. My guests have included Bill Bonner, Dan Denning, Paralympian Annie Williams, New York-based Family Office specialist Arthur Bavelas, and many others.

  1. Weekly ‘Check-ins’. These Thursday email check-ins will be where I share what I’m doing with my own family wealth setup. What I’m thinking about. What challenges we’re coming up against. How my daughters, friends, and wider family are problem-solving this crisis. In my experience, these more down-to-Earth, human contacts are where many of my readers find great value.
  1. The Once-a-Year Gowdie Advisory Gathering. An annual meet up at a nice venue (if social distancing restrictions permit, obviously!). Great wine, classy surroundings, fine company, and a few special guests. A chance for us to socialise, get to know each other, make connections, and share wealth ‘war stories’.

This premium advisory service won’t be for everyone. 

In fact, because of what I’m undertaking here, I can only offer this service to a limited number of members.

But if you see the need to be more proactive with your wealth management over the next few years…

If you’re sceptical of some of the advice coming from mainstream, conventional media…

If you enjoy independent analysis of the markets, but sometimes think: ‘OK, but what should I be doing?’

Then this may be a good fit for you.

So how much does The Gowdie Advisory cost?

The cost of a one-year subscription to The Gowdie Advisory is $4,999.

That’s no small commitment, I know. Like I said earlier, this service is not for everyone.

But think of it this way…

If you were to see a financial planner, you could easily be charged $3,500 for the plan, plus another $1,500 for implementation upfront.

That’s five grand you’re out of pocket just after your first meeting.

After that you’ll find they spend a lot of time pushing products on you that they get a kickback for…meaning you’re paying to get sold to.

With a Gowdie Advisory membership, you’re getting 12 months of unbiased, plain-speaking advice about what to do with your wealth.

Not only will you hear from me, but also from other investors like you that have similar issues and queries — and you’ll get the solutions we recommend. 

For a certain person, everything I’ve mentioned thus far should be worth every penny of that and more.

And I’m going to make your decision even easier today…

I’ll give you 30 days to decide if The Gowdie Advisory is right for you

Give The Gowdie Advisory a try today, and you can put your subscription to the test with no obligation for a full 30 days.

  • Attend our next Gowdie Advisory video summit…
  • Go back through all my previous updates and videos…
  • Read the latest weekly ‘check-in’ when it comes out…

If your membership doesn’t exceed your highest expectations for ANY reason, I’ll give you a full and immediate refund of the entry fee you’ll pay today.

No hidden fees, no questions asked.

That’s a generous offer.

But I don’t mind making it because I’m confident you’re going to enjoy the advice you’ll receive.

This is a project I’ve been gestating for several years.

But the market...the outlook for our economy...and an onslaught of questions from concerned investors…have forced me into action.

Now I’d like to help you through what happens next

Now, I don’t claim to know exactly how the markets will pan out…

Will the coming years bring on another Great Depression?

An extremely painful episode that prunes enough debt from the system to encourage rejuvenated growth?

Or will it be a death by a thousand cuts? One where ‘temporary’ income support measures become more permanent for a greater number of un- and underemployed. Where people and businesses will be kept on some form of government handout life support.

Or will the central bankers pull off the impossible and blow a fourth (and even bigger) bubble? If they do, imagine the carnage that’ll cause when it bursts!

I think the odds are firmly stacked against a fourth bubble.

The only thing we know for sure is this:

Fear of losing lifestyle, assets, savings, employment, business, entitlements, and retirement dreams has never been greater than it is RIGHT NOW.

With markets as volatile as they are currently, getting genuine, experienced, unbiased strategies has never been more important.

If you join this community, we’re going to figure this thing out together.

If you’re ready, fill in your details below and hit ‘Continue’.

And I look forward to seeing you at our next monthly summit.


Vern Gowdie Signature

Vern Gowdie,
Editor, The Gowdie Advisory