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James Allen

James Allen

New Energy Investor shows you how to grab your stake in the great energy switchover as the world transitions out of fossil fuels and into cleaner, greener renewable energy.

Over the next three decades, US$95 trillion is going to be spent on turning the world’s energy system green.

The companies driving that change could offer early investors incredible upside.

Edited by James Allen in London and Selva Freigedo in Melbourne, New Energy Investor will introduce you to some of the best and brightest clean energy prospects on the market — long before many Australian investors get to hear about them.

James Allen

Selva Freigedo

Some of their previous winning recommendations include:

  • 185% on Kensington Capital Acquisition in five weeks
  • 57% on Ballard Power System in four months
  • 397% on Neo Lithium Corp in just over a year

It’s a rare event in the history of our civilisation that our dominant source of energy is overhauled, as we are seeing now.

New Energy Investor gives you the chance to stake your claim right at the beginning of what could be the biggest market disruption in 100 years.

Editors James Allen and Selva Freigedo will home in on the companies and the stock stories at the vanguard of this fast-emerging megatrend.

Join today and you’ll be able to access dozens of high-potential clean energy stock recommendations on the buy list instantly...

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A subscription to New Energy Investor

This is your opportunity to jump on one of the most exciting megatrends of the last 100 years. James and Selva aim to target the breakout clean energy companies emerging from the drive to decarbonise the world. Join today and you will:

  • Know which high-potential clean energy stocks to buy...
  • Know when to buy them...and what to pay for them...
  • Know how long to hold them for...
  • Know when to sell them for the chance to make a profit

Regular trades and email updates

  • You will receive an email from James or Selva whenever there’s a new clean energy stock tip containing the stock’s name...stock limit...key dates...and full research
  • Selva will update you with any further action to take
  • If something changes, James will send you a SELL alert
  • You also get updates on the portfolio, industry, market, technology, and more...

Also included in your subscription is the following urgent clean energy stock report…

Here’s How to Play the Looming Graphite Shortage

Lithium is not the only battery metal that car and battery manufacturers are scrambling to get their hands on. Graphite is also fundamental to the energy revolution, and EV manufacturers are increasingly desperate to sure up supply. In this report, you’ll learn one of only a handful of miners that could meet the world’s growing demand.

You’ll also get...

Buying International Clean Tech Stocks: A Guide to Brokers

While some of the stocks we trade will be on the ASX, the truth is that the Australian market is quite small. Which means that many of our recommendations will be international ones. In this simple guide, we’ll show you some of the major brokers available to Australian investors and the countries they offer to trade in — so you can take full advantage of this clean energy revolution.

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‘No pick, no penalty’ clause

If, over the course of any calendar month, James and Selva do not put out at least one brand-new stock recommendation, we will add a month’s membership of New Energy Investor to the end of your term at no extra cost.

FOR YOUR PEACE OF MIND: World-class customer support from right here in Australia

Our customer service team is based in Melbourne. We’re ready to help you resolve any subscription issues or problems you may have. Please don’t hesitate to reach out. We’re available by phone and email, Monday–Friday, 9:00am–5:00pm AEDT/AEST.

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From real caps, and more...The Insider truly is where you’ll hear about it first.

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