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You’re one step away from getting Jim Rickards’ Fat Tail Portfolio — a curated model portfolio designed with today’s globally fragile market conditions in mind.

The underlying idea is that as crazy and as scary as this market seems right now, you CAN beat it.

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Jim Rickards describes his new Fat Tail Portfolio as:

Geoeconomic diversification for the most unstable market in living memory, with an Australia-centric focus.

But you can think of it this way…

It’s a combination of assets to own, right now, that make ongoing chaos manageable — even PROFITABLE — for you going forward.

For many, Jim Rickards needs little introduction…

Jim Rickards

Jim Rickards

Jim Rickards is one of the few analysts who predicted much of the extraordinary news flow we’ve seen recently.

He’s someone who has spent his career navigating — and in some cases, even PERSONALLY INFLUENCING — points in history where investing and geopolitics intersect.

He’s the guy presidents go to when things get real…

He was called on by the Nixon administration to help craft the petrodollar accord…

…and by the Carter administration as it negotiated the Iran hostage crisis in 1980.

Jim Rickards was tapped by the CIA to lead counterterrorism efforts after 9/11.

He warned the US Treasury of the subprime collapse several years before it happened.

That time he was ignored…

He was called in again in September 2009 to testify to the House of Representatives and explain how he saw it coming (and they didn’t).

Jim’s worked on building financial analytics systems for the CIA.

He’s helped the Pentagon design their economic wargames.

In April 2022, Jim was called on to lead the financial war seminar at the US Army War College, from which he tweeted:

No need for hypotheticals this year…We got a REAL financial war going on…

For decades, Jim Rickards has been the analyst called on to strategise what happens next while the world seems to be going berserk.

Put simply, when Jim makes predictions at times in history just like this…


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Jim Rickards’ Fat Tail Portfolio

A combination of assets to own that aims to make the ongoing chaos manageable — even PROFITABLE — for you going forward.

You’ll get Jim and his team’s targeted recommendations, which take into account inflation, the supply chain crunch, war in Ukraine and possible escalation, the food crisis, gold miners, the pivot to nuclear power, weakening stock markets, and much more…

SUBSCRIPTION: One year of Strategic Intelligence Australia

With the right toolkit, analytic models, and contacts, you CAN predict the market.

We’re in the amazingly fortunate position of having Jim Rickards at our disposal. And we’ve given him a cracking team of macro and hard asset specialists to help construct a strategy for Australian investors.

In the new geoeconomic world, Strategic Intelligence Australia is a powerful weapon that is now at your disposal. Most Australian investors are being led down a terrible path right now. Much of what you’re being fed as sound advice is simply wrong advice.

You need a different path. Every month, we’ll provide you with a nimble approach to asset allocation as momentous events rock the financial and geopolitical worlds.


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