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The Great Battery Race

has begun — here are two
smart ways to play it…

It’s time to make your move — and get your first year of Australian Small-Cap Investigator for HALF PRICE

You’re about to make a great decision.

We just took a whistle-stop tour of one of THE biggest opportunities for Aussie small-cap investors in 2023.

All over the world EV sales are exploding.

And they’re forecast to grow more than 10-fold from here:


Source: S&P Global

But that’s creating a huge ‘materials challenge’ for EV companies like Tesla — who need monstrous quantities of critical minerals to make those EVs function.

That’s your opportunity.

It’s a trend that’s already propelled several ASX-listed stocks higher.

Jindalee Resources. Pilbara Minerals. Liontown Resources. Vulcan Energy Resources.

They’ve all hit a peak of more more than 1,000% from 2020.

And there could be more to come. This is high-risk, high-reward investing.

This is your chance to take the final step — to go from merely ‘knowing’ about these stories…to ACTING on them.

And you’re in the right place to do exactly that.

On this page, you can start your subscription to Australian Small-Cap Investigator.

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A quick reminder: Australian Small-Cap Investigator is a monthly newsletter designed to tell you all about the most exciting Aussie small-cap companies. It’s a simple but profound mission.

Put simply, we want to find stocks that could become tomorrow’s household names — and buy them early.

It’s simple. It’s great fun. And when it comes off, it’s like no other feeling.

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This is your chance to invest in little known Aussie small caps with big potential. You’ve heard about seven of them today — but we have an entire portfolio of picks waiting for you to get stuck into. Our mission is to:

  • Find the right stocks
  • Give you everything you need to make an informed decision — including a full write-up of the risks
  • Alert you when it’s time to sell and take profits or cut losses

Regular email updates

If something important happens with one of our stocks, you’ll hear about it from us in a regular email update. We’ll do all the hard work. You’re free to do your own research and monitor the stocks yourself, of course. But you don’t have to — we’ll make it easy to keep up to date.

And you’ll get immediate access to the report I’ve been telling you about:

Two Unknown Aussie Stocks at the Heart of the Battery Arms Race

This report contains everything you need to know to buy these stocks. It’s all there for you. All our research. Our analysis. The risks, the potential rewards, everything.

This report is yours, right off the bat.

Fat Tail Investment Research Investor Starter Guide

And you’ll also get instant access to a number of other reports, including the ‘Fat Tail Investment Research Investor Starter Guide’.

What good are great stock recommendations if you don’t know how to invest in them? In this report we cover the basics of stock market investing.

You’ll also get...

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