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An Exploration Geologist’s Strategy for
Trading Phase One Breakouts

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When a Phase One explorer finally hits that mineral motherload…the investor feeding frenzy can be surreal to watch…

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Past performance is not indicative of future results

Share price graduations are unlike anything else you’ll experience in equity markets.

And…at least while they’re bathing in the white-hot afterglow of first discovery…Graduators tend to remain IMMUNE to the woes of the wider financial system.

When news of a genuine Graduation is released…

…it doesn’t matter what else occurs that day — a bad Fed announcement…a bank failure…even a war breaking out!

Shares in that Phase Oner can STILL go to the Moon.

These tiny stocks live or die by the drill-bit alone

That makes them irresistible to the ultra-speculator…

…but DEADLY if you find yourself owning the wrong stocks. And there are a LOT of wrong stocks in the Phase One world. For every Graduator…10 or more flunk out. This is high-risk investing.

James Cooper’s Mining: PHASE ONE, however, is entirely unique.

Phase One recommendations…direct from a geologist who’s explored these very ultra-juniors. James has been at the forefront of finding the kind of reserves and grades that make or break the precise stocks we’re talking about here.

No one else…at least to our knowledge…is
doing anything like this

As a former senior exec of one of the largest energy companies listed on the NYSE, I canʼt overemphasize how impressed Iʼve been with James Cooper...

…Having been a senior exec myself, surrounded by global technical experts at the highest level, it is obvious to me that James knows how resources companies work, how to value their assets and assess their risks, and most importantly how to value the share price…

That is exactly what Iʼm looking for in a resources company adviser.

Martin Breen,
Coorparoo, QLD

And it will not suit most investors.

You will need a high risk tolerance.

And from James, it requires a high degree of due diligence, investigation, and monitoring.

And it’s an ultra-niche, highly aggressive advisory we’re pretty sure is not being replicated in any of the major mining investment centres.

As such, it’s one of Fat Tail Investment Research’s highest-priced services.

The price of a one-year subscription to Mining: PHASE ONE is $3,999.

If you wanted a similar service with similar trade ideas, you’d more than likely have to turn to private equity funds that specialise in ‘growth-oriented mining companies’.

They say they use capital, expertise, and capabilities to position you into the best growth plays in the mining ecosystem.

But even then, few of them have pure geologists on their teams.

They’re money guys who’ve only been in a mine when taken on a tour by guys like me!

They certainly have their place. Phase One explorers wouldn’t get the capital they need without private equity.

But it’s a set-and-forget, ‘give-us-your-money-and-leave-it-to-us’ strategy.

And you’ll need a LOT of money. Private equity investment tends to be around $50,000 right up to $25,000,000!

But…even then…you likely won’t be exposed to the small companies we go for in Mining: PHASE ONE.

And there’ll be some kind of hefty fee/commission-type deal that cuts into any gains.

At the other end of the scale, there are Aussie investment publishers with a big online presence and big advertising spend…I won’t name them, but you’ll know them…they tend to be the first names that come up as ads when you Google Aussie mining stocks…

Some of these offer mining explorer recommendations as part of a wider package.

It’s pretty generalised intel…but even that can put you back around $2.6k-a-year.

A small and tight-knit club

Being a premium mining stock service will rule out investors who perhaps shouldn’t be playing this field to begin with.

It will also likely keep numbers at a natural limit, allowing us to create our own community of traders. It may also involve some in-person catch-ups in the future.

So, if you’re aiming for longer-term gains …owning and sticking with miners further up the phase scale…then you might want to just stick with my general (but no less awesome!) mining advisory letter, Diggers and Drillers.

But if you’re willing and keen to take a higher risk on the kind of opportunities you see above, then Mining: PHASE ONE could be worth looking into.

We’ve set up a 30-day subscription refund that allows you to do just that.

That’ll give you a little time to acclimatise (and paper trade, if you like) the first live Phase One plays.

If at any time in that first 30 days you feel this is not for you…then let us know and we will refund you your subscription.

Here’s what you get with your membership today:


James’ elite mining stock trading service is now officially live. The first trades for new members are imminent. Thereafter, they will arrive sporadically…when an explorer hits the right rating level for imminent graduation. James is looking for a specific type of explorer…with an elevated potential payoff…and a limited trade duration.

You’ll NOT be buying and holding here. These will be targeted in-and-out plays…based solely around imminent drill results. And they’ll be generated by an actual exploration insider.

Each trade will come to you by secure email and SMS (optional). You’ll get:

  • Name, ticker symbol, buy-up-to price, stop-loss, risks, and initial profit target...
  • And continual ‘graduation status’ updates of every open trade via email and our members-only website — up to that all-important ‘SELL’ alert...


New Phase One listings are a minefield. But they’re coming thick-and-fast now that the cycle has turned. For the most part, we’ll stick to Phase Oners that are already trading. That said…it will be useful for you to get James’ take on what’s happening in this space.

James has also been directly involved with several key mergers and takeovers…here, Phase One shareholders can make a very quick windfall. And James expects this activity to contribute to some spectacular graduations over the next year.

You’ll receive special IPO/MERGER/TAKEOVER ALERTS when James gets wind of something here…either through directors’ buying activity, or some other sign. Adding an extra layer of opportunity to the service.


Phase One graduations are not a uniquely Australian phenomenon…

In RARE cases, James may venture overseas…but only when a foreign-listed Phase One proposition is just too good to ignore. Most Mining: PHASE ONE trades will be ASX-listed. And if you choose just to stick with those…no problem. But sometimes targeted opportunities will come up offshore.

For instance…right now, James is tracking Phase One copper exploration activity bubbling away in North America, Mexico, Argentina, and Peru. Most of these stocks are listed in Canada on the Toronto Stock Exchange…the world’s BIGGEST MARKET for PHASE ONE explorers.

When the criteria are met…and it’s a play too good to pass up…you’ll receive the occasional overseas-listed recommendation. (Included in your onboarding materials will be a guide to buying international shares.)


Your chance to grill James directly. We think the subscription might be worth it for this bonus extra alone.

For Phase One companies…it’s not about revenues, earnings, sales…or any other financial metrics that analysts typically rely upon. Future gains are squarely focused on the rocks and management’s skill in unlocking geological potential.

The idea with these Q&As is to help you build your geology knowledge so you can understand HOW Phase Ones graduate, and what makes them tick. I don’t know of any experienced exploration geologists applying their skills in a service like this.

We say ‘Ask me anything’…but what James CAN’T do in these live sessions is give personal financial advice or talk about future recommendations. But…if you’ve a deep interest in the ultra-exploration side of mining…you’ll enjoy this aspect of Mining: PHASE ONE.

A 30-day money-back guarantee

Take the next days to review . If you’re unhappy for any reason, call our customer service team within this period and cancel your membership. You will receive a prompt refund of the membership fee you pay today. No questions asked.

World-class customer service from right here in Australia

Our customer service team is based in Melbourne. We’re ready to help you resolve any subscription issues or problems you have. Please don’t hesitate to reach out. We’re available by phone and email, Monday–Friday, 9:00am–5:00pm AEST/AEDT.

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At the end of your term, your Mining: PHASE ONE membership will renew automatically every 12 months at the full official price, currently $3,999...unless you decide to cancel.

Don’t worry — we’ll remind you before any additional subscription fees are taken from your account. You can cancel your membership with a quick phone call or email at any time.


Scroll down and insert your details into the spaces provided. Then hit ‘Confirm Payment’.


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Editor, Mining: Phase One

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