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The Australian Gold Report
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Brian Chu’s The Australian Gold Report

Your One-Stop Guide
to Gold Investing
in Australia

Interested in buying gold?

Want to make the most of the anticipated upcoming boom in gold-related investments in Australia?

Look no further than The Australian Gold Report — the ultimate guide to buying Australian gold and gold stocks…and staying ahead of the game.

Australia is poised to become the world’s largest gold producer with more known gold resources than any other country in the world.

With around 16% of all the gold on the planet buried under our beautiful red Aussie earth, the gold industry here is huge.

Not only that, but Australia’s gold industry is teeming with smart people, innovation and state-of-the-art technology.

There’s no better place to invest in gold than right here in Australia, right now.

With The Australian Gold Report, you’ll have the chance to capitalise on this opportunity like never before.

Gold investing carries risk, which is why you need the guidance of an expert like Brian Chu to guide you through.

For just $199, you'll get a one-year subscription, which includes:

One year of The Australian Gold Report

Brian believes this is the most exciting time to be a gold investor ever. Huge forces are in play, with powerful institutions piling into gold. That creates opportunity. Brian’s mission is to help you take it. With him onside, you will:

  • Discover which specific stocks Brian sees as the best buys, right now…
  • Get unique insight as the gold uptrend plays out…
  • Get warts-and-all research on every play — the risks…the potential rewards…and what to expect in the future.

‘The Ultimate Australian Gold Gameplan’

This is it — your one-stop shop for getting up and running in the gold market, with the names of THREE of Brian’s top gold stocks for right now. Whether you’ve never invested in gold…or you’re looking to expand your portfolio…you’ll find something valuable in this report.

‘Unveiling the VPM Filter’

In this report, Brian will share a tool he’s developed to help you value gold stocks — and make the right decisions with your gold portfolio as a result. He calls it the VPM filter, which is a ‘secret weapon’ he’s used to help his private family gold fund outperform the ASX Gold Index since 2015.

‘How to ‘Read’ the Gold Market

Brian reveals the recently developed tool to help you allocate your precious metals portfolio between gold stocks and precious metals ETFs. This report gives you a simple interpretation of how the market is performing to help you best position your precious metals portfolio.

A 30-day money-back guarantee

Take the next days to review The Australian Gold Report. If you’re unhappy for any reason, call our customer service team within this period, and cancel your membership. You will receive a prompt refund of the membership fee you pay today. No questions asked.

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subscription level

There are two different levels to The Australian Gold Report — Core and Premium.

You get everything laid out above as part of the Core offering. This costs just $199 a year and is fully refundable for the next 30 days.

But if you’re serious about taking advantage of the powerful forces shaping the gold market, you may want to consider taking a Premium level subscription.

This includes everything laid out above, plus several highly valuable extra benefits.

  • You’ll get instant, unlimited access to our ‘Ask Brian’ inbox, so you always have the opportunity to get Brian’s take on the markets or specific issues you want to see him address (though please remember, Brian can’t give personal financial advice).
  • You’ll get weekly market updates and stock analysis — which can prove crucial in a fast-moving market like the gold sector. This means you are always right up to date when the market is on the move — Brian does all the hard work to keep you up to date, without having to dedicate hours to reset sudden moves in the gold price.
  • You get quarterly live Q&A webinars with Brian — your chance to ask Brian questions about developments in the gold market and stocks in the portfolio. (Please note, Brian can’t give you personalised financial advice.)
  • COMING SOON: You’ll also get access to a special, speculative portfolio of smaller gold stocks, hand-picked by Brian using the tools and techniques he uses to manage his own money. This portfolio will launch in the second half of 2023.

A one-year subscription to this Premium level costs $499. (Again, fully refundable for the next 30 days.)

It’s entirely your decision which level to go for.

But either way, you have Brian’s expert guidance on the gold market for the next 12 Months.

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There are two different levels to The Australian Gold Report
Core and Premium.

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